New Fibre Installation - TELUS

Telus Communications Inc. plans to install underground fiber optic cabling, for Internet purposes, to all residential homes in the communities of Lower Hat Creek 2 (Bonaparte First Nation), Upper Hat Creek 1 (Bonaparte First Nation), Marble Canyon No. 3 (Ts'kw'atylaxw First Nation), Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nation, Pavilion No. 1 (Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nation), Fountain No. 3 (Xaxli'p), Fountain No. 3A (Xaxli'p), Fountain No. 1A (Xaxli'p), Fountain No. 1D (Xaxli'p), Fountain No. 1B (Xaxli'p), Xaxli'p, Fountain No.12 (Xaxli'p), Quatlenemo No.5 (Xaxli'p), Chilhil No.6 (Xaxli'p), Bridge River, Bridge River No. 1 (Bridge River), Moha, Lillooet No. 1A (Bridge River), Lillooet No. 1A (T'it'q'et), Lillooet, T'ít'q'et, Towinock No. 2 (T'it'q'et), Nesikep No. 6 (Lytton), Seah No. 5 (Lytton), Tsal'alh, Slosh No. 1A (Tsal'alh), South Shalalth, Slosh No. 1 (Tsal'alh), Seton Lake No. 5A (Tsal'alh), Whitecap Indian Reserve No. 1 (Tsal'alh), Seton Portage, Mission No. 5 (Tsal'alh), Necait No. 6 (Tsal'alh),  McLeod Lake, Tachick Lake, Saik'uz First Nation, Nulki, Old Country Meadow No. 4 (Saik'uz First Nation), Laketown No. 3 (Saik'uz First Nation), Clustalach No. 5 (Saik'uz First Nation), Sackanitecla No. 2 (Saik'uz First Nation), Sinkut Lake West, Fort Fraser, Nadleh Whuten, Lejac, Seaspunkut No. 4 (Nadleh Whuten), Stellat'en First Nation, Stellako, Nee-Tahi-Buhn, Uncha Lake, Mollice Lake, Skins Lake No. 16 (Skin Tyee), Cheslatta No. 1 - Parcel 1 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Cheslatta No. 1 - Parcel 6 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Cheslatta Carrier Nation, Southbank, Danskin, Cheslatta No. 1 - Parcel 7 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Grassy Plains, Cheslatta No. 1 - Lot 6 Parcel 9 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Cheslatta No. 1 - Lot 7 Parcel 9 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Talalaska Lake, Skin Tyee, Francois Lake No. 7 (Nee-Tahi-Buhn), Cheslatta No. 1 - Parcel 10 (Cheslatta Carrier Nation), Tatalrose, McDonalds Landing, Palling, Wet'suwet'en First Nation, Decker Lake, Hagwilget Village Council and New Hazelton.  The project involves the installation of approximately 685 km of underground and aerial fiber optic cable throughout the above listed communities in the Lillooet Corridor and Northern British Columbia.


The cable will be buried by directional drilling, trenching, or using existing conduits, or a combination of these methods in existing roadway alignments, but will be suspended on support structures to connect to residential homes and businesses.


Latest update

March 14, 2024  Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada issued its Notice of Determination and determined that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
2 Notice of Determination - March 14, 2024
1 Notice of Intent to Make a Determination - Start of Public Comment Period - February 7, 2024


Innovation Science Economic Development Canada
NATHALIE MARTEL, Program Officer
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

  • Location

    • Project Site 01: Lillooet Corridor (British Columbia)
    • Project site 02: Northern BC (British Columbia)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Other, not otherwise specified
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  • Authorities

    • Innovation, Science and Economic Development
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
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This map is for illustrative purposes. The markers represent the approximate locations based on available data. More than one marker may be identified for a given assessment.


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