Curve Lake First Nation - Water Treatment System

The Curve Lake First Nation (CLFN) community is in need of a water treatment system for drinking water.  The water treatment system will also provide a secondary purpose, that being the provision of accessible water to serve as fire flow protection to the entire community.  CLFN is a Mississauga Ojibway First Nation located approximately 25km northeast of Peterborough, Ontario.  All proposed work will take place at Curve Lake First Nation and the adjacent "Dashwood" property to the north (proposed for addition to the CLFN reserve), where an intake structure and pipe into Buckhorn Lake will be located.   

The proposed water treatment system will consist of a lake water intake pipe, intake structure, low lift station, water treatment plant (WTP) and parking area, elevated storage reservoir (ESR), water distribution system and an access road.  Once the construction is completed and the water treatment system is effectively working, the existing household and community wells and cisterns in CLFN will be decommissioned.  The lake water supply will be from Buckhorn Lake, and will be a 400mm intake pipe of a total length of 620 metres.  The low lift station will convey lake water through a force main to the WTP. The water treatment system will consist of membrane filtration with dissolved air flotation, followed by ultraviolet (UV) and chlorine for disinfection. The WTP will be located at McIllmoy Point on the Dashwood property. The treated water storage system will consist of an ESR (minimum of 50 metres tall) that is sized for the 40-year water storage demands. The ESR will be located on Weequod Street just east of Mississauga Street in CLFN. The water distribution system will consist of watermain ranging in size from 150mm to 300mm, at a total length of approximately 21 km, and will be located along the community's roadside ditches in an existing Right of Way (ROW).  A new access road from Mississauga Road to the WTP and low lift station is also proposed to be constructed. The total length of the access road is approximately 1,000 metres

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October 30, 2022 – The public comment period on the project and its potential for causing adverse effects is closed. Indigenous Services Canada, Parks Canada Agency, and Transport Canada are considering comments received to inform its determination on whether the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
1 Notice of Intent to Make a Determination - Start of Public Comment Period - September 29, 2022


Indigenous Services Canada - Ontario
Shawn Green, Environment Officer
655 Bay St, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K4
Telephone: 416-973-1298

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    • Curve Lake First Nation (Ontario)
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    • Building and Property Development
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    In progress
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    Curve Lake First Nation
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    • Indigenous Services Canada
    • Parks Canada Agency
    • Transport Canada
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    Project on federal lands
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