Oungre Port of Entry Redevelopment

In support of the Canada Border Services Agency's Border Transformation initiative, the Land Border Crossing Project seeks to renovate or rebuild 24 land border ports of entry (POE) to modernize its custodial facilities. Included as part of this initiative, is the project at Oungre POE. The new building will replace the current facility that is past its lifecycle, and will be rebuilt within the existing site footprint. The CBSA will use building and construction methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to sustainable development commitments by integrating climate change resilience into the design, construction, and operational aspects of the project and by reducing the environmental impact of structural construction materials using recycled and lower-carbon materials. Temporary facilities will be installed if required in order to keep the Port of Entry operational during construction.

This project will consist of multiple phases. First, the project will demolish any required outbuildings. This will be followed by site preparations for the new facility, and then finally the construction of the new facility along with new roadways. Once commissioned and deemed operational, the staff will move into the new facility.

The Oungre POE is located on the CanAm Highway 35. It is situated north of the international boundary and across from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Fortuna POE. The surrounding topography is low rolling hills, primarily used for agriculture. There are a number of small hamlets and villages nearby such as Oungre and Tribune, and the closets city is Estevan, located 80 kilometers to the northeast. The site is situated primarily within the boundaries of Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure. Two land parcels which are registered to Her Majesty the Queen are located to the west of the existing traveller building where the residence is located. There are several structures on the site: a house and a garage are located on the west side of the site and currently unoccupied, and the two trailers previously present on the east side of the site have removed and their services capped. The parcel of land located east of the site is private and there is a dugout to the northeast of the site.

An Environmental Effects Evaluation report was completed by WSP Engineering, and included a review of biophysical effects, socio-economic and health effects, and effects on Indigenous Peoples.  The site survey was completed July 2017 when migratory birds were present. The final report was published in March 2018, which noted the potential for archaeological impacts due to the historical associations of the locality. The CBSA has and will continue to engage all potentially impacted Indigenous communities. All suggested mitigation measures to reduce environmental effects will be enforced.  


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September 22, 2022 - The assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.



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    • Oungre Port of Entry (Saskatchewan)
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    • Building and Property Development
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    Canada Border Services Agency
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    • Canada Border Services Agency
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    Project on federal lands
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