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I am very concerned about the negative impacts that this bridge will have on Lake Simcoe.

Many of those that have commented here have raised the environmental impacts of the bridge, which are valid, I’m also concerned about the environmental impacts from the commercialization of the island that will occur if the GIFL is built. This has not been mentioned in any of the materials.

Also, the assessment being considered here doesn’t account for the multiple projects being built on the shores of lake simcoe and the cumulative impacts they will have. 

Unfortunately, public outreach for this initiative seems to be under the radar and many residents are unaware of it. More time is required to :
- properly weigh the options and if the scale of the funding for this project is properly being put to use given there are greener options that can provide safer access
- ensure correct public outreach has occurred with all residents and businesses 
- 360 environmental assessments which factor in all lake simcoe projects, including impacts of future commercialization of the island 

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing next steps to address everyone's concerns. 

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E Mortson
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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2022-05-29 - 9:51 PM
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