Stop, Protect the Water, More Research First

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As a full-time resident on Lake Simcoe, I object to the development of a permanent structure over Lake Simcoe without broader research, collobration and planning involving impacted stakeholders first. I am concerned about any permanent structure over and/or on the water that would impact the health and safety of residents, wildlife, and the lake water itself.

A permanent structure would restrict water flow, jeopardize drinking water drawn from the lake, create noise and light pollution, and possibly create conditions leading to swampy, dirty water in areas around the structure is dangerous. I feel there are alternatives to improving committing  between Georgina Island and the mainland. These should be explorered first and evaluated among the costs, risks and benefits related to this proposal 

I propose that a full environmental impact study be conducted and disseminated to Lake Simcoe residents before any decisions are made to approve the proposed Georgina Island Link Project. All residents are affected by any such decision and should be fully consulted as this will impact health of life, quality of life and potentially economic ramifications that will be profound. More importantly, we need to stop and pause to protect the natural life that has been flourishing at Lake Simcoe. 

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Thanesh Yoga
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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2022-05-29 - 6:51 PM
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