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I note with interest the statement submitted by the McRae Beach Association in opposition to the GIFN fixed link. I am a resident of McRae Beach and I support the proposed fixed link and I know others on the beach who also support it. The claim of "unanimous" opposition is therefore untrue. I note that the main concern for the Association seems to be for the environment and health of the lake. I'm glad to hear it, because of all the other numerous issues facing the health of our lake, the Association to my knowledge has been remarkably silent. It seems that the environment and health of the lake is only important in certain, specific situations - like when it might also affect a sunset view. In light of this, it is a disappointing position for the Association to take. For my own part, if we are to live up to the slogan that "every child matters" and if we have any hope of fulfilling the T&RC's 99 Calls to Action, it is time we start listening to our FN neighbors when they express a need. If lives can be saved in winter, if economic and social impacts can be improved for my FN neighbors, then I will learn to live with an altered view. I know that the GIFN remains committed to its stewardship and respect and care for the health of their traditional waters as they undertake this project. For too long, we have dictated to our FN neighbors where and how they should live. It's time we started listening to them for a change. 

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Chris Sloan
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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2022-05-29 - 5:35 PM
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