Better Island Connection Needed, Just Assess Options & Impacts & Do it Smartly

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Overall, I support the GIFN's desire to have a better, safer method of transportation between the island and the mainland.  Not sure what the "BEST" solution is, but the GIFL is clearly an option:  such a causeway / bridge solution has been done in several other locations, and its impacts are knowable and many of those impacts are manageable (some impacts not so much).

1)  It is imperative that a Federal Impact Assessment be conducted on the proposed GIFL, with transparent assessments and opportunities for public forums & discourse and for posting of feedback, input, and decisions.  Aspects which will certainly be impacted include Environment, Fisheries, Transportation, Native Affairs, Tourism, Culture & Heritage.  A clear, transparent, comprehensive assessment is the best way to go, recognizing that there are several undisputed benefits to the island's residents for improving the current system of transport to the island.

2)  This fixed-link development will no doubt stress the lake, most heavily close the fixed link project site.  However impacts a few kilometers distant from the fixed link are also likely.  There will be lake-bed disturbance when building the bridge and both causeways.  And once those structures are in place, they will (almost guaranteed) stifle the lake's natural water circulation for several kilometers on either side of the GIFL, resulting in stagnant water on both sides (but more strong impact east of the GIFL, as the water is shallower between Georgina Island and the mainland).  This will cause those areas to slowly turn into a marsh over the next few decades, becoming unsuitable for boating, fishing, swimming.  Such water-current-reduction occurred (and continues to occur) following the introduction of the Virginia Marina years ago, with lakefront properties on either side of the marina experiencing more siltation and debris-accumulation and shallowing of shoreline water up to 50 feet offshore.

3)  Study and implement smart road-traffic measures where the GIFL causeway meets Black River Road.  Already there are too many speeders along Black River.  Most drivers on Black River Road exceed the posted 40km limit between Hadden Road to west of Doyle Beach Lane.  Some traffic-calming measures at the new GIFL intersection on Black River (and perhaps at the Black River /  Virginia Boulevard intersection) should be considered: ie. stop-sign, road bumps.

4)  I assume the causeway & bridge will be pedestrian-friendly (ie. adequate shoulder for walkers / cyclists).

5)  To the extent that public dollars go towards constructing the GIFL, I would sincerely hope that all Ontarians / Canadians are allowed, even if only in a manageable, non-intrusive fashion, to visit the island to enjoy the nature and hospitality of the island & residents.

6)  The causeway and bridge will also (probably negatively) impact those on the lake east of the GIFL, who look west in the evening for the gorgeous sunset.  This will be especially so if the GIFL has light posts along its length.



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