Trans Northern Pipeline Integrity Digs

Maintenance of 40 year old pipeline owned by Trans-Northern Pipeline (TNPI) is required at four locations within Rouge National Urban Park. This pipeline delivers refined petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel to service airports and businesses throughout Ontario. The maintenance required, known as integrity digs, involve exposing an area of compromised pipe via open cut (excavation) and conducting in-situ detailed inspection and repairs.

The temporary work space (TWS) is described as the area encompassing the open cut/excavation, soil storage, construction vehicles/parking and the temporary construction access road. It will measure approximately 40m by 40m in each case. The soil will be stripped within the TWS and separate subsoil and top soil piles will be placed within the TWS. Equipment used will include a large excavator. Welding will take place at the areas of compromised pipe.


This map is for illustrative purposes. The markers represent the approximate locations based on available data. More than one marker may be identified for a given assessment.


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27 June 2002 – The public comment period on the project is closed. Parks Canada is considering comments received to help inform its determination on whether the carrying out of the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

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Key documents
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1 New Project Being Assessed by Parks Canada - Public Comments Invited 28 May to 27 June, 2020 - May 28, 2020

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  • Location

    • Rouge National Urban Park (Ontario)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Oil and Gas
    • Maintenance activities (fences, walls)
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    In progress
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    Parks Canada
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    • Parks Canada Agency
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    Project on federal lands
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