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It is so important that we stop this gold mine. The company is one of the worst corporate citizens imaginable. Here is my comment

"It is unacceptable (and unconscionable!) that this gold mine is even being considered for approval. The applicant, Atlantic Gold, is a known polluter and environmentally destructive mine operator with outstanding charges and unfinished environmental hearings in NS where they have disregarded, disobeyed, and flaunted their environmental responsibilities. This irresponsible and dangerous corporate citizen has no less than 32 outstanding charges against them and have proven to Nova Scotians that they cannot be trusted to operate responsibly in our Province. (See here: )

Indeed, Atlantic Gold has shown it will willingly break the law, whether environmental or criminal, to get what they want. They have shown a gross disregard for the law and for the citizens the law is intended to protect. In 2019 Atlantic Gold hosted a community interest meeting where they illegally called 911 to have the RCMP forcibly remove Mr. John Perkins. The resulting injuries to Mr Perkins led to him filing lawsuits against both Atlantic Gold, their security guard, and the RCMP. This callous disregard for the law, for Nova Scotians, and for the health and safety of citizens further highlights that Atlantic Gold is not the kind of business Nova Scotians want operating in the Province. (See here: )

Under no circumstance should Atlantic Gold be granted approval for their proposed gold mine in NS.


Rita and Phil Crosbie

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