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Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of proposed Fifteen Mile Stream (FMS) Gold Project submitted by Atlantic Mining NS Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of St Barbara Limited, as part of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process. 

I have significant concerns with the project as a whole. I question the wisdom of considering or approving a project that despite any or all mitigation measures will substantially degrade Nova Scotia’s lands, waters and wildlife. Though there are many concerns that I address, the primary ones are related to loss of species at risk and of concern and their habitat, along with broader degration of habitat from edge and fragmentation effects, both directly related to the project itself and to its indirect and cummulative effects. Specifically, I have grave concerns related to impacts on the provincially critically endangered Mainland moose.

I urge that the project not be approved. Gold is not a critical resource. Any benefits will be short short term and concentrated in the hands of a few. Environmental degradation is permanent and a lost legacy for all. Rejecting the project would better serve committments to biodiversity conservation, climate resilience and social equity, thereby helping to address three interrelated existential crises that we now face.

I also wish to express support for the rights the Mi'kmaq in this process of decision making on and about their unceded territory and with respect for their governance and knowlege systems.

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Dalhousie University
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    2021-04-30 - 6:45 PM
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