Why This Project Should Not Proceed

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This proposed project is planning to be located in a very environmentally sensitive area.  It is rich in wetlands and biodiversity.  For example, it contains the Nova Scotia provincial Blue Felt Lichen as well as other rare lichens.  The company states that it will MOVE this lichen!  This has never been attempted before and so there is no proof that this can be done successfully.  Even more importantly, there were 28 observations of the endangered mainland moose in the proposed area.  There is no mention by the company that the moose shelter sites will be avoided and this will put the already critically endangered moose at risk!  Further, eighty-nine species of migratory birds were observed at the proposed site.  Any noise from the creation and operation of this mine will have adverse effects on these birds, and even though the company states that it will mitigate this, I do not believe it will do so sufficiently enough to spare most of the bird populations.

The company states that it will alter 336 wetlands!  This is totally unacceptable!  Globally, over 64% of wetlands have been lost due to human activity.  In these wetlands, there have been eight species at risk observed.  I believe that any mechanical activity in these areas will be detrimental to these species.

In conclusion, I believe that the approval for this mine should definitely not be granted - there are too many species at risk that may be destroyed forever!

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Carolyn Pineau
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2021-04-30 - 4:11 PM
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