Fifteen Mile Stream proposed gold mine project.

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We have clear-cutting, spraying of cancer-causing glyphosate, blocking of Avon River, salt brine into Shubenacadie River by Alton Gas, destruction of Owls Head Provincial Park and so much more. Do not approve another ecological and environmental disaster here in Nova Scotia. Our province cannot handle any more destruction. Please start respecting the land that our ancestors left in our hands to look after or we will be forever sorry. Once all our resources are used up and given away, we will not be able to eat money. Enough is enough. Put your heads together and find a way to save this province and stop destroying. We need clean water; this proposal will hurt our water systems that we so much depend on. Water is life.

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Sydnee McKay
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2021-04-30 - 3:35 PM
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