Yet another kick in the teeth to Nova Scotia's environment

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It will be a sad day for Nova Scotia if yet another ill-conceived natural resource extraction project receives the rubber stamp of approval -- especially this one.  Does anyone even consider the extent of the impact of such a large project on such a small province?  One need only look at a map to see how much impact this mine will have on the complex and fragile network of streams, rivers and wetlands in this region.  Let us not forget that this is also an area that is struggling to recover from being terribly savaged by industrial forestry for the past few decades and is already a chopped up patchwork of clearcuts in all but the most protected of areas.  The land is still in recovery and hardly able to bear more abuse.  Please take the time to put up a recent satellite view and you will soon see how that area of the province has already paid a very steep price to fill the coffers of the forest industry.  Must is now be further savaged to fill the coffers of an off-shore mining company -- one which according to some reports, appears to have a less than stellar environmental record?  

That area of the province is home to many Species At Risk that have been heroically "hanging on" through  the past decades of forest devastation.  How do you suppose they will survive through this next onslaught?  First you wipe out the forests, then you disrupt the natural function of the watershed and wetlands of that region while also creating the industrial mayhem of heavy truck traffic which will only bring death from roadkill to the wildlife, along with the dynamiting and excavation creating noise, dust and pollution.  The chance for survival is looking very slim indeed.

And for what?  The ecosystem of a frightening area of the province will be destroyed and permanently impoverished in order to provide a few dozen jobs for truck drivers and heavy equipment operators for a handful of years.  None of these "amazing projects of the past" has done diddly squat to improve the "good fortunes" of a province that, in spite of approving one after another of these dreadful natural resources misadventures, still has a terrible rate of poverty - especially child poverty -- and a broken, under-funded, healthcare system.  Our forests are now dreadfully damaged and diminished.  Our soil is nutrient depleted and highly acidic due to continuous erosion from deforestation and the effects of acid rain.  Many of our watersheds have been contaminated with arsenic and heavy metals due to past mining and ore processing activities.  This is a landscape that has been so badly abused that it now struggles to support healthy forests, rivers, fish and wildlife.  It makes very little sense to permit yet another environmentally destructive project to receive approval -- especially one in which most of the profits will be spirited off to other distant countries.  I liken such projects as being equivalent to giving the family cow to Jack to take to market to trade for four magic beans that end up creating a GIANT mess.  This project has the distinct look and nasty odour of yet one more of these destructive boondoggles.  Please do not approve yet another ecological and environmental disaster to further destroy our province.  The forests, watersheds and wildlife simply cannot withstand another kick in the teeth.

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Beverley Wigney
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2021-04-30 - 7:05 AM
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