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It is my understanding that, although a Joint Review Panel was not agreed to by the IAAC, the IAAC would be monitoring and considering the information raised during the NRCB Hearing on the SR1 Project in its final determination of the approval or rejection of this project.


The attached document outlines some of the many concerns raised at the recent NRCB Hearing regarding the SR1 project.  The evidence provided during the NRCB Hearing differs in many significant ways from the overly positive views outlined in the Proponent’s Environmental Impact Statement submitted to the IAAC in 2018.  It is my belief that this information should cause the IAAC to revisit its Draft Environmental Assessment Report.  The environmental consequences of the SR1 project are much worse than was reported in 2018.  Further, the consultation record provided by the Proponent, with regard to both First Nations and the Public, seems to be more activity than outcome focused.  There was a lot of focus on the volume of meetings and not on any meaningful collaboration or consensus building.  The failures of the consulting approach of the Proponent is witnessed by the numerous “facilitation payments” made to dissenting bodies (both First Nations and municipal governments) for them to withdraw their opposition.


I sincerely hope that the IAAC have closely monitored the Hearing and reviewed the evidence and transcripts from it.  If so, then the issues raised in the attached document will have already been discovered by the IAAC. 


The evidence suggests that the Project results in uneven protection to Albertans, severe environmental damages, and is not in the public interest. 




Lee Drewry


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