Serious risks with the SR1 project have not been addressed before the hearing

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Dear Laura, Jennifer, and respectable members of the hearing panel,

In our submission of Thursday, February 25, 2021, we presented three main concerns and questions have to do with the Springbank dry reservoir (SR1); dam safety, water quality and Environment protection.

We urged the NRCB not to ignore any of these serious and high risk issues.

A reply from the proponent posted on the NRCB’s site did not address these three issues, providing unsatisfactory reply on one of the issues stating in P. 72,AT notes that SR1’s capacity accommodates a design flood based on the largest flood on record for the Elbow River, which is the 2013 flood…”. This statement blatantly contradicts a previous acknowledgment of the fact that records show there have been two floods in Alberta 30% larger than the 2013.

The attachment includes the three main issues of concern:

1-      Back-to-back floods/a semi-filled reservoir and dam safety.

2-      The most recent report of December 18, 2020 DID NOT address the main safety concerns.

3-      TsuuT’ina Nation clean water immediate challenges.

As demonstrated in this submission using the very documents provided by officials and scientists, the question now becomes: Who is willing to bear the onerous responsibility of answering to the residents of Alberta when that dam fails resulting in a catastrophic event that involves the loss of lives, environmental destruction and more billions of dollars?

We request addressing these issues fully before approving the project on March 22, 2021.

We appreciate also posting the attachment on the NRCB’s website in accordance with the current practice that has been applied to every submission provided by different parties.


Flood & Water Management Council (FWMC)

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