For Approval Transport Canada Comments on the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project - draft EA report and potential federal EA conditions

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On behalf of Jackie Barker, please find attached Transport Canada’s comments on the draft EA report.  Transport Canada appreciates the opportunity to review and provide comment on the draft EA report and draft potential conditions for the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project.


Please find our proposed edits and comments (in track changes) of the draft EA report within the attachment.  Specifically, we have noted on Pages iv, 55, and 64 that the Canadian Navigable Waters Act should be referenced, rather than the repealed Navigation Protection Act.  Additionally, we have noted two comments/suggestions on Page 133 for your consideration.


We also reviewed the new version of the draft potential conditions and note that our previous comments were considered and therefore we have no further comments to provide for that document.




Adam Downing


Regional Senior Environmental Supervisor, Programs, Prairie and Northern Region

Transport Canada / Government of Canada

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Superviseur régional principal en environnement, Programmes, Région des prairies et du nord

Transports Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on the Draft Environmental Assessment Report and Draft Potential Conditions
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