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Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project

Riel Converter Station, near Dorsey, Manitoba (Manitoba)

Reference number: 80114
Federal Responsible Authority: National Energy Board
Proponent: Manitoba Hydro
Environmental Assessment Commenced: 2017-12-21
Environmental Assessment Type: Environmental Assessment by Responsible Authority
Status: Environmental assessment completed

Latest Update

November 20, 2018 - The environmental assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.

About the Proposal

Manitoba Hydro is proposing to construct and operate a 500 kV alternating current international power line (IPL) extending from Manitoba Hydro's Dorsey Converter Station in Manitoba to the international boundary between Manitoba and Minnesota (Dorsey IPL). The Dorsey IPL will connect with the Great Northern Transmission Line, a new 500 kV transmission line in the United States.

Based on the proposed design and route, the construction of the Dorsey IPL will require alterations to two of Manitoba Hydro's existing IPLs, as well as alterations to some of Manitoba Hydro's intra-provincial transmission lines and facilities.

The construction of the Dorsey IPL and the associated alterations to Manitoba Hydro's existing transmission facilities is collectively known as the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP).


Consultation and Cooperation with Other Jurisdictions

Section 18 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012)  provides that, as the responsible authority for this Project, the National Energy Board (NEB) must offer to consult and cooperate with respect to the environmental assessment (EA) of the Project with any jurisdiction referred to in paragraphs (c) to (h) of the definition of "jurisdiction" in CEAA 2012 subsection 2(1) if that jurisdiction has powers, duties, or functions in relation to an assessment of the environmental effects of the designated project. 

If you believe you are such a jurisdiction under CEAA 2012 section 18, please self-identify with the NEB as soon as possible describing how you meet the definition of jurisdiction and explain your relevant EA power, duty, or function, as well as the activities your jurisdiction plans to undertake to exercise your powers, duties, or functions to complete an EA of this designated project.  

All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board and filed by fax (1-877-288-8803), through the NEB's e-filing tool (on the NEB's website [] under Submit Applications and Regulatory Documents, then File a Letter of Comment), or mailed in hard copy to:


National Energy Board

517 Tenth Avenue SW

Calgary, Alberta 

T2R 0A8


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This project was also subject to the environmental assessment requirements of the Government of Manitoba.

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