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Good morning Kathryn,

Although in theory, there may be some way of mining gold in a responsible fashion, frankly, I don't know how. Perhaps panning for gold?
And as far as I can see, those that do mining, don't seem to be very responsible.
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Add that to the fact that we (the world) does not need more gold - for industry etc. We have more than enough stored away in places like "Fort Knox" if we really get to the point of needing more. It seems crazy to put time and effort into the Gold industry. Let's focus on energy efficiency industries (window glazing, insulation) , renewable energy, mining for lithium for storage, or any of a host of other things we really need.   
Also, I urge you to watch the Netflix documentary "Kiss the Ground '' that points out that carbon sequestration in the soil is probably our best hope of saving the climate crisis from going catastrophic. Obviously open pit mining is a disaster for the soil and should be outlawed. How can we justify a few jobs over 5 years that would destroy that eco-system for a century or more when we have a climate crisis on our hands!??
Thank you,

Bruce McCulloch,  P.Eng. MBA CMVP   |  LEED Green Associate   | MCC Energy Strategies Inc.

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