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I am very interested in the conservation of our native species in Nova Scotia. As an avid angler and all around nature lover, I believe conservation should be the main concern in the coming years for our province. As someone who has just begun learning about Atlantic Salmon and the risk they are at I believe this mine is a terrible idea.

I am writing in response to the revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), for the proposed Beaver Dam Mine Project. The information contained in the revised EIS does not fully address the concerns raised by our association regarding the proposed work as outlined in the extensive documentation. Our association believes that the company has not made significant progress in addressing the potential negative impact for the West River watershed and the adjacent sub-watersheds. I Darcy Stewart believe that the following concerns have yet to be properly addressed:




1. The West River is too valuable to accept any level of risk

2. The revised EIS does not adequately consider the watershed downstream from the mine footprint. 

3. The proposed quarry pit is simply too close to the Killag River (Cameron Flowage).

4. The spatial extent of the proposed work is too large and unnecessarily encroaches on adjacent sub-watersheds.

5. The benefits to Nova Scotia are minor relative to the value of the restoration project and the conservation progress already realized.

6. The NSSA generally lacks confidence that Atlantic Gold will prioritize protection of the environment and the West River Restoration Project. 


In closing I Darcy Stewart am strongly opposed to the proposed Beaver Dam Mine project. The West River watershed and adjacent sub-watersheds are valuable and vulnerable resources that need our constant protection.  We stand in solidarity with our partner conservation associations and the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia in opposition to this proposal.


I respectfully submit my response to the EIS.



Darcy Stewart

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Administrator on behalf of Darcy Stewart
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