Opposition to the proposed Beaver Dam Mine Project

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I am writing to register my opposition to the proposed Beaver Dam Mine Project.

It is very frustrating that we are even having a discussion on a proposed project that will certainly have negative environmental impact. Gold mines have always been big polluters and this company is no exception. Their track record of infractions and fines should be a clear indication that this project should not go ahead. Not that it should ever have bearing in a discussion about the merits of gold mining but the economic benefits to Nova Scotia certainly do not outweigh the negative environmental effects.

The area where the proposed project is located is a very environmentally sensitive area and is in close proximety to watershed habitat restoration projects that are currently underway. This mine will completely undermine the efforts to restore this watershed and protect it's fresh water aquatic species. There is nothing in the Revised Environmental Impact Statement that would indicate that this project would be safer than other gold mining projects. Gold mining is destructive and has no place in Nova Scotia.

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Sunrise Trail Adventures
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2021-12-17 - 3:11 PM
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