Beaver Dam Mine

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At what point in our history will we begin to value our natural environment higher than our money?  For this proposed mine expansion we allow approximately eight years of damage to our air, water, and soil.  Irreparable damage to wildlife habitat, vegetation, waterways.  Places where we escape and play, that keep us healthy and sane.  Natural landscapes that are our most powerful mitigators of climate extremes. We are allowing this to be damaged for... what?  Less than a decade of employment, and the smallest amount of finacial compensation that Atlantic Gold can get away with paying.  The people working hard to protect our wild places, our mainland moose and our Atlantic salmon - they don't have the equivalent of Atlantic Gold's lawyers and accountants on staff, I suspect.  Please consider the long term value.  Saying no to this expansion will be the greater benefit to Nova Scotia.

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H DeWolfe
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Revised Summary of the Environmental Impact Statement
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2021-12-17 - 1:09 PM
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