Too many risks for this mine to happen

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This mine should never be allowed to happen. The impacts to the direct areas as well as the outlining areas will be devasting for years to come. Not to mention the immediate loss of wildlife, wetlands & habitat. You have to ask if the risks of allowing this mine outway the benefits. Sure the mine will create jobs (which I support) but I'm willing to bet the majority of those jobs will be skilled positions held by people from outside of Nova Scotia. When the mine is finished they will all leave but they will leave Nova Scotia with the after effects. The province is currently challenged with how to pay a $60 million (and growing) bill for two previous gold mines here in the province with another 40+ sites identified. Can you imagine the cost to remediate a site the size of the Halifax Peninsula? Gold is not even a required resource to survive. The other side of this coin is the cost to widlife & the habitate. The province has been working for decades to rehabilitate the salmon stocks in these areas. Now this is all threatened by this mine. This is not a great oppertunity for this Province, there are other industries of oppertunity out there that would not have a devasting impact that this mine would create. 

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Kevin McPhee
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2021-12-17 - 11:12 AM
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