St Barbara proposed Beaver Dam expansion project

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To whom it may concern,

Pleas accept this letter as confirmation that I aggree with St Barbara's Beaver Dam expansion project. I am an employee of the company and have been in the mining business all of my working career. This career has given me the opportunitty to work in many places including overseas projects. I have been involved in the analytical and processing aspects of many of these operations. 

I can confidently assure you that the team and staff ( many of who are local) at St Barbara are, and will be following all govermental ,provincial and federal guidelines and reulations pertaining to any mining  and /or processing projects within their future plans.

I undrstand that there is some local opposition to this project for fears that the environment will be damaged for present and future generations. Government regulations and laws do provide for present and future protection of the environment, by continously manitoring the workings, products and by-products of all projects.  To add, I believe that with  our company's primary Rules to live By commitments will add an extra layer of that protection. as being good corporate citizens is a one of our seriouly taken aims

I beleve that this project, with all the governmetal laws and regulations as well as the company's steadfast commitment for environmental protection, would not be detrimental to the environment but will add an econmical benefit to the area, province and citizens of Nova Scotia., my new found home.


Bernard Larabie

Superintendent Analytical Services

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2021-12-17 - 8:31 AM
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