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Protecting Moose in Mooseland

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2020-12-30 8:43:10 AM

Correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I checked MOOSE ARE A ENDANGERED ANIMAL and at all costs must be protected by all. The Beaver Dam project will take in the what I know as the Dump Road and what is referred to as the Haul Road , after 35 plus years MOOSE have finally moved back into our area of Mooseland . The area which these MOOSE have been seen are on the haul road which the gold minds want to use , myself and others have photos of a mother and her calf , photos of tracks , photos of their droppings ( poop ) this area is prime area for the MOOSE due to the environment and its surroundings, lots of lakes , swamp / pond areas, wilderness areas. Protecting this area is a must to protect the Moose and allowing the gold Minds to use this road is not right , we must protect the MOOSE. Coordinates for the area of the MOOSE 

44.982163 - 62.796375 Cut Away Dam

44.972346 - 62.805419 Mink Lake


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Krista Gillis
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