Port of Quebec Deep-Water Multipurpose Wharf Project - Beauport 2020

Port of Quebec Beauport Sector (North Shore) (Quebec)

Reference number: 80107
Federal Responsible Authority: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Proponent: Quebec Port Authority
Environmental Assessment Commenced: 2015-08-10
Environmental Assessment Type: Environmental Assessment by Responsible Authority
Status: Environmental assessment in progress

Latest Update

June 14, 2018 - The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency indicated to the proponent on June 8, 2018 that information is still required in order to respond to the Agency’s information request of April 24, 2017.

About the Proposal

The Quebec Port Authority is proposing to extend eastward by 610 metres the existing wharf in order to be able to add two deep-water berths to its bulk transport facilities in the Beauport sector. The project would include the filling of the area behind the wharf and the construction of a containment dyke to create 17.5 hectares of additional area for the development of equipment for material handling, transshipment and storage, the extension of an existing railway track on the Port Authority property and the extension of the emergency emissary of the Beauport wastewater treatment station. The project also includes the addition of a breakwater and work to recharge and consolidate the Beauport bay area to protect it from erosion.


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Port of Quebec Deep-Water Multipurpose Wharf Project - Beauport 2020
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