Dumont Nickel Mine Project

Amos (QC)

Status: On March 15, 2012, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency received an acceptable project description and is now determining if a comprehensive study should commence.

About the Project: The project consists of the construction, operation and decommissioning of an open pit nickel mine located approximately 25 km northwest of Amos, in Québec. The proponent intends to extract ore during 19 years, to mill the higher grade ore and temporarily stockpile the lower grade ore. At the end of mining phase of the open pit, the lower grade ore stockpiled will be used to feed the mill for another 12 more years, till the end of the mining operations after 31 years of operation. The ore treatment facility will have an initial capacity of 50 000 t/d which will be increased to 100 000 t/d after the fifth year of mining operations. The project includes different related activities such as the construction of access roads, an 8-km railroad link and the diversion of tributaries of the Villemontel river.

Proponent: Royal Nickel Corporation

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