March 2, 2022 – Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) intends to make a determination regarding the proposed construction of a new storm water attenuation pond (pond #2) on Gabe Acquin Drive, in the St. Mary's First Nation community in NB is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this determination, ISC is inviting public comments in respect to that determination for 30 days following the posting of this notice.

Written comments must be submitted by April 2, 2022 to:

Indigenous Services Canada – Environment

PO BOX 160

Amherst, NS

B4H 3Z3

The purpose of the Project is to provide increased storage capacity for storm water from the recent and on-going residential development within the surrounding area and to help direct the stormwater away from the residential area.  The project will consist of the construction of attenuation pond #2, that will measure approximately 45m by 78m (3,510m2) that will be located on St. Mary's reserve lands.  The project will also include the construction of a stormwater outfall and drainage channel that will extend approximately 150m southeast from the attenuation pond.  The outfall ditch will vary from 3m deep to zero, and is located on lands owned by the City of Fredericton.  The city has given the community permission to use this parcel of land and all work will be completed in accordance to the New Brunswick Watercourse And Wetland Alteration (WAWA) permit.

The proposed project will also include the use of an existing stockpile area on St. Mary's reserve lands for the placement of excess rock and soil from the attenuation pond.  This existing stockpile area is located on a parcel of land located at the intersection of Bear Drive and Pipeline Road, approximately 1.46km south of the proposed attenuation pond. 

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