Marathon Palladium Project Joint Review Panel Process
Information Video

Link to the video :

The Joint Review Panel conducting the environmental assessment for the proposed Marathon Palladium Project would like to inform members of the distribution list that this video presentation has been prepared to help provide information on the Joint Review Panel process for the Project to support public participation. The video contains information on the Project, the history of the environmental assessment for the Project, the Joint Review Panel, the stages of the environmental assessment, and how the public can participate in and contribute to the process.

After viewing the video, participants are encouraged to contact the Panel Secretariat with their outstanding questions about the environmental assessment process at the email or phone number provided.

To access the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry that contains the information that the Review Panel will consider for the environmental assessment of the Marathon Project, use the following link: To assist in participants' review of the Project, a compilation of relevant documents, including the available sections of the EIS Addendum (2021), Information Requests and proponent responses (2013) and the Environmental Impact Statement (2012) can be found on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (Document # 728).

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