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Improvement of energy efficiency of multiple buildings to lower the ecological footprint of the military base

February 18, 2020 — The Department of National Defence must decide whether the proposed project for the Improvement of energy efficiency of multiple buildings to lower the ecological footprint of the military base is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this decision, the Department of National Defence is inviting comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment. All comments received will be considered public. For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

Written comments must be submitted by February 28, 2020 to:

Michel Lajoie, Wing Environment Officer
Building 60, Post Office Box 5000  Station Forces, Alouette QC, G0V  1A0
E-mail Address:

The Proposed Project

This project consists of work execution, labor, materials/supplies and tools needed for the improvement of the energy efficiency of the base real property with measures to lower greenhouse gas emission.

The work includes but is not limited to the:
· Replacement of all lighting systems by LED lights.
· Installation of destratification fans to improve indoor air circulation.
· Installation of variable frequency drives (VFD) on fans.
· Modification of ventilation system to maximize energy retention.
· Optimisation of the mechanical systems of heating, ventilation and AC equipment.
· Improvement of building envelope air sealing.
· Installation of water flow restrictors on shower heads and taps.
· Replacement of steam traps and pipe insulations in mechanical rooms.
· Replacement of 3 boilers in the thermal power plant.
· Installation of a new flash steam tank, a new plate heat exchanger and a new pre-heating tank to re use purged heat.
· Installation of a RinkSense system in the arena to lower water temperature and improve ice quality.
· Installation of a reflective ceiling over the arena ice to diminish the compressors load.
· Installation of heat pumps.
· Installation of off-peak boilers in multiple buildings to extend period of non-utilisation of the thermal power plant.

Some of the work will produce construction residue that will be disposed of in conformity with ongoing environmental regulations.

The project is led by the Department of National Defence. The project will affect roughly sixty buildings. It will be located inside a developed area both inside and outside the controlled zone of 3 Wing Canadian Forces Bagotville, near La Baie in the city of Saguenay (Quebec). Other buildings are located on satellite sites; HMCS Jolliet in Sept-Îles, radar station Lac Castor, régiment du Saguenay in Jonquière.

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