Review of CNL's Draft Environmental Impact Statement Completed

February 9, 2018 – Ottawa, ON

The federal and provincial authorities have completed their technical assessment of the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) from Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) for the proposed Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Closure Project. The proposed project is subject to a federal environmental assessment (EA) pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) that is being carried out by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) as the sole responsible authority.

As the responsible authority, the CNSC has identified a number of areas where additional information will need to be included in the final EIS and other technical supporting documentation. CNSC staff's assessment is reflected in a series of comments that have been consolidated with those of other federal and provincial authorities participating in the review, given their expert information or knowledge in relation to the project (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change). The consolidated table of federal and provincial comments, which lists over 200 information requests and comments, has been submitted back to the project proponent, CNL, for consideration.

Next steps

CNL must address all federal, provincial and public comments received, and submit a final EIS to the CNSC. The CNSC will then make a determination on whether the information provided in CNL's submissions is complete. Should further information be required, the proponent will be requested to submit the necessary information until CNSC staff are satisfied with a final EIS. CNL is expected to submit its final EIS in June 2018.

Following receipt of a complete licensing submission and final EIS, CNSC staff will document their assessment and conclusions on the project, including a CEAA 2012 EA report, to inform the Commission's decision. CNSC staff's assessment and the EA report will be available to the public and Indigenous groups 60 days prior to the Commission's public hearing, expected to take place in December 2018. The public will be offered the opportunity to submit written and/or oral interventions.

Quick facts

  • CNL is proposing to decommission the NPD facility, a former nuclear generating station that operated until 1987
  • The NPD site is located in Rolphton, Ontario
  • CNL is proposing an in situ (leaving in place) decommissioning approach

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