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Second Addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment (See Reference Documents #42)

Cover Letter dated October 16, 2017  [PDF - 1.17 MB]

Errata - Section C.5.1 and C.5.2 (Updated from the August 12, 2016 submission)  [PDF - 1.21 MB]

Appendix 1C – Coal Conservation Act Addendum for coal wash plant modifications  [PDF - 2.98 MB]

Appendix 1D – Water Act Fence-line Approval Application  [PDF - 8.67 MB]

Appendix 1E – Water Act Licencing Application  [PDF - 20.5 MB]


For ease of navigation, the links to the Environmental Impact Assessment and its addenda are provided here:

Updated Environmental Impact Assessment - Submitted August 15, 2016

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