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Nuclear Power Demonstration Closure Project – Upcoming Public Comment Period on Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The draft environmental impact statement (EIS), in both official languages, for the proposed Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Closure Project is anticipated to be submitted by the proponent, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), by mid-November.
The draft EIS provides an analysis of the project's potential environmental effects and measures to mitigate those potential impacts. Upon receipt and posting of the draft EIS in both official languages on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will launch a 75-day public comment period. A public notice, announcing the start of the public comment period, will be issued once the EIS is posted.

The public comment period gives members of the public, Indigenous groups, and government departments and agencies an opportunity to submit their views in writing (in the official language of their choice) to the CNSC on the adequacy of the information presented in the EIS, as measured against the Generic Guidelines for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (the Guidelines), and on the technical merit of the information presented. The Guidelines provide direction to the proponent and identify the information that is required in the EIS.

All comments on the draft EIS will be posted on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry in the language in which they were received.

Questions on this process can be directed to:

Lucia Abellan
Environmental Assessment Officer

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
P.O. Box 1046 Station B
280 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5S9
Telephone: 613-995-7265 or 1-800-668-5284
Fax: 613-995-5086

Next steps

Following receipt of public comments on the draft EIS, CNSC staff will consider all submissions received in making its determination on whether the EIS is satisfactory or whether further information is required from the proponent. Should further information be required, the proponent will be requested to submit the necessary information until CNSC staff are satisfied with a final EIS. In addition, CNSC staff will ensure responses are provided to all comments received from members of the public and Indigenous groups. Following receipt of a final EIS, CNSC staff will prepare a CEAA 2012 EA report (EA report), to inform the Commission's EA decision. The EA report will be available to the public and Indigenous groups 60 days prior to the Commission's EA public hearing. The day and time of the hearing are to be determined at a later date by the Commission. Public participation will be offered through the submission of written and/or oral interventions.

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