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Pacific NorthWest LNG Project — Request for Additional Information

March 19, 2016 — The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has requested additional information from Pacific NorthWest LNG Ltd. (the proponent) for the federal environmental assessment of the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG Project, located in British Columbia.

The Agency is committed to conducting a high-quality, thorough and science-based environmental assessment that is fair, transparent and that takes into account the views of Canadians, including Indigenous groups.

On March 4, 2016, the Agency received new information from the proponent, which contains additional details about the project and changes to its construction schedule and methods. This information must be reviewed, analyzed, and considered in the final Environmental Assessment Report.

As a result, the Agency has requested additional information from the proponent in order to determine whether the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. The information request pauses the legislated timeline, which will resume once the proponent has satisfied the information request.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, at the Agency's request, has granted a three-month extension to the legislated timeline for the project. The government intends to make a final decision on the project within that timeframe, once the legislated timeline resumes.

The Agency recognizes the importance of timely decisions, while balancing the need for a fair and thorough process that is grounded in science. This extension will ensure all available and relevant information and science is considered, including over 34,000 comments recently received from the public to allow for informed decision-making.

The Agency will continue to work diligently with the technical working group for the project, including Indigenous groups and federal experts, to review the information and finalize the environmental assessment report and conditions.

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