Privacy Notice


Under the Impact Assessment Act, comments received and documents submitted or generated to inform the assessment of projects become part of the publicly available project file. The availability of information maintained in project files are subject to certain exceptions related to privacy, security or confidentiality.

Comments and information submitted in relation to assessments conducted by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) or an independent review panel are posted online via the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (the Registry).

Information used in the conduct of assessments by other federal organizations may be made public upon request or posted online, at their discretion.

The Agency may solicit comments on the development of policy instruments and other documents that may also be made public via the Registry.

Personal information

The Agency does not require participants to provide personal information, such as home address, telephone numbers, signatures, or other credentials to submit comments. However, should this information be provided, the Privacy Act provides that the personal information provided may be used and disclosed, with the consent of the individual to whom the information relates to.

Accordingly, the name and personal information, as well as the personal views or opinions provided by individuals will be made public; while the email address provided in order to submit an online comment will not be disclosed.

Providing personal information about other individuals without their consent, including the use of inappropriate or offensive language regarding those individuals, is prohibited.

If a participant wants to provide confidential or sensitive information, they should contact the appropriate federal organization that is responsible for the relevant assessment or policy proposal instead of submitting it via the online Registry.

Comments or information submitted may be shared with other federal or provincial government organizations involved in the assessment of proposed projects, subject to information sharing agreements.

Your rights

Individuals have the right to request access to their personal information held in the Agency's databases and to request correction of their personal information that is incorrect. For more information on how to file a request to access your personal information or to correct any errors, please consult the About access to information and privacy page on the Agency’s website.

Individuals have the right to file a complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner if they think their personal information has been handled improperly. Individuals must identify the assessment or policy proposal for which they submitted comments or information.

Voluntary use

At an individual’s request, their name and email address will be added to the Agency's distribution lists related to a specific assessment conducted by the Agency or by an independent review panel to inform them on participation opportunities, key documents and/or key steps in the process for a specific assessment. The Agency’s distribution lists are only shared with Agency employees and independent review panels, should one be appointed for a project. At any time, individuals may request that their contact information be removed from the Agency’s distribution lists.

Further information

For more information on how personal information is used, individuals can consult the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry's Personal Information Bank.

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