Incorporating Climate Change Considerations in Environmental Assessment: General Guidance for Practitioners

Prepared by
The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Assessment

November 2003


This guide is for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (the Act) or any of its regulations. In the event of any inconsistency between this guide and the Act or regulations, the Act or regulations, as the case may be, would prevail.

This document provides guidance on environmental assessment under the provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act as amended on July 12, 2010. It has not been updated to reflect changes to the process introduced in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. To ensure that you have the appropriate versions of the Act and regulations, please consult the Department of Justice website.

The Committee

This guidance document is the collaborative product of The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Assessment (the Committee). The Agency has chaired the committee and acted as a secretariat. The Committee consisted of the following representatives:

  • Garry Alexander – British Columbia;
  • Jon Bowen and Ian Church – Yukon;
  • Steve Burgess – Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency;
  • Bill Calder – Alberta;
  • Bas Cleary – Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Christopher Daly – Nova Scotia;
  • Anne Dufresne – Climate Change Secretariat;
  • Alan Ehrlich – Northwest Territories;
  • Melissa Glen and Peter Sharp – Natural Resources Canada;
  • Morrie Paul – Environment Canada;
  • Peter Sherhols – Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency;
  • Larry Strachan – Manitoba; and
  • May Lyn Trudelle – Ontario.

The Committee was supported in the development of this document by:

  • Rick George – Alberta;
  • Daphne Stancil – British Columbia;
  • Dave Broadhurst and Serge Nadon – Environment Canada;
  • Stephanie El-Batrik, Rachel Samson, Al Scobie Vachon and Regina Wright – Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency; and
  • Cathy Wilkinson – Global Change Strategies International Inc.

The Committee also wishes to thank the other jurisdictions, numerous stakeholders and members of the Canadian public who provided comments on the guidance document throughout its development.

To Obtain Copies of this Guidance Document

To obtain copies of this guidance document, please visit the Agency Web site (; or contact:

Policy Analysis
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
22nd Floor, Place Bell
160 Elgin Street, Ottawa ON K1A 0H3
Fax (613) 957-0916

or contact your provincial or territorial decision-making authority for environmental assessments.

This document is also available in Adobe's Portable Document Format [PDF - 300 KB].

Incorporating Climate Change Considerations