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Routine In-Water Works Project Along the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway

This report was declared by the Agency as a class screening report on December 6, 2006, following a public comment period held between July 26, 2006 and September 7, 2006.

The Agency acknowledged the commitment of the Parks Canada Agency to use the class screening report for the environmental assessment of all projects to fall within this class. The declaration of this report was effective until December 6, 2011.

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Replacement Class Screening Report

Statement of Project   (October 1 to December 31, 2009)

Ontario  (44 projects)


  • 09-02-56489 Installation of new 8x12 floating dock with a 4x14 ramp
  • 09-02-56470 Remove existing Steel Box Car rails and Replace with Clean Stone for Erosion Protection
  • 09-02-56437 Reinforce Shoreline 150 feet to prevent erosion

Clear Lake

  • 09-02-51506 Bridge maintenance and repair - Young's Point

Jones Falls


  • 09-02-56510 Dropping of Four Anchors Prior to freeze up


  • 09-02-56467 Reconstruct dock at property that was washed away during spring


North Crosby

  • 09-02-56532 Replace top plank and side plank on attached dock of boathouse
  • 09-02-56497 Placement of local stones along shoreline to prevent erosion
  • 09-02-56495 Installation of rip-rap rocks over vegetation with a filter cloth

North Grenville

  • 09-02-56522 Removal of existing steel wall and replace with geotextile and rip rap.Installation of post dock( with access ramp
  • 09-02-56465 Repair rip rap on shoreline



  • 09-02-56475 Existing rock to be removed and reinstalled over geotextile to prevent erosion
  • 09-02-56474 Replace Pile Deck
  • 09-02-56459 Installation of New Pile Dock
  • 09-02-56441 Shoreline Stabilization
  • 09-02-56432 Dredging and Offsite Removal of approximately 80 tones of silt
  • 09-02-54510 Rip-rap placement and removal of retaining wall
  • 09-02-54474 9.5x9.5 Floating Dock added to existing 22x12 fixed dock

Rideau Lakes

  • 09-02-56535 Replacement of boards on face and top of deck
  • 09-02-56519 Removal of old crib dock.Drill into rock at shore dock, steel frame around and install cedar tops side planks
  • 09-02-56518 Repair existing crib dock and install new 6x32 post dock
  • 09-02-56516 Removal of 2 boathouses, 2 docks and cribs.Replacing with new 26x32 crib dock, boathouse and 8x30 cantilever dock
  • 09-02-56503 Installation of a 4800 volt submarine cable looping along the shore of Elliott Bay
  • 09-02-56463 Removal of steel barrier on 65 feet of shoeline
  • 09-02-56461 Repair existing boathouse.Old crib to be removed from water and disposed offsite
  • 09-02-56449 Aquatic Vegetation Removal
  • 09-02-56443 Repairing of ice damaged stone and concrete wall.Replacement of rip-rap
  • 09-02-56416 Repair Existing Dock, remove steel skirting and replace sand crib
  • 09-02-55353 Erosion control by building rock rip-rap slope.Possible dredging of sand on riverbed
  • 09-02-55351 Removal of ice damaged post dock.Replacing with smaller post dock
  • 09-02-55345 Dock extension of 14x5.Installation of raft 8x8.Dredging 1x16 inside boat lift
  • 09-02-55344 Stabilize shoreline and deteriorating wood rails
  • 09-02-55324 Repairs existing cribs and dock if necessary

South Frontenac

Talbot River

Tay Valley

  • 09-02-56436 Install rocks along the shoreline for stabilization
  • 09-02-55347 Re-surface Old dock.Build new floating dock

tay valley township

Upper Rideau Lake